Lixit 32oz Flip Top Water Bottle


$14.99 $24.99

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    • No-drip valve for less mess. Keeps bedding from getting unnecessarily wet.
    • Flip-top lid for easy refills, whether inside or outside of the cage.
    • Holds 32 ounces of water for almost endless refreshment.
    • Easy to mount to most cages with included attachment.
    • Ideal for pet rabbits!

    The Lixit Quick Lock Flip Top Rabbit Water Bottle is perfectly designed for pet rabbits. With a flip-top lid, it’s easy to fill and refill, and it quickly mounts onto most cages. The reservoir has several ridges so you can adjust the holder to several different heights. The Lixit Quick Lock Flip Top bottle has a unique no-drip valve so you won’t lose water or have messes in the cage from constant dripping